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Love, action and God

By Pokkel, 22 July 2011

East of Ashes is a winner on all levels; storyline, writing, history and imagination. The book is entertaining, easy-to-read and has a compelling message that God is in control and his plans are perfect. Some of my everyday christian questions were answer via this book. The book gives hope for new- as well as non-christians and warns us against the largest pothole of our faith; becoming religious.

I definitely recommend giving East of Ashes a try!

Looking forward to see what comes next from the inspired hand of Gideon Nieuwoudt.

5/5 stars

I totally enjoyed it!

By halepea, 10 September 2012

For a “Christian” book, this was really a good read – just one or two things a bit farfetched, but the author “warned” that this is not a historical fiction, but fiction that is “historical”. I appreciated that honesty.

Some of the brutality from the Crusade got rather graphic at times, but it was tempered by lighter and more pleasant moments. The characters were likable; their struggles, emotions and growth clear. I was rather surprised at how wise and insightful some of the statements were regarding life, the ever-present question of evils and cruelties committed in the name of God as well as questioning how God can allow or use these things for a higher purpose. This book shows the depravity of man and looks at the struggle that the more noble ones have to put old demons to rest and reach peace.

I say this is a must read. It is interesting, moves at a good pace and will leave you at then end thinking about the changes God can make in a life.

5/5 stars

East of Ashes

By Scott, 21 May 2012

In East of Ashes, the author tells readers a story that transcends the First Crusade. He digs deep into the heart and soul of a man who could be any of us in any time period. This story touches on the brutality of war and how small seeds and the power of God’s mighty hand can renew the most unlikely of persons. This is Gideon’s debut, and while it is historical in nature, he mentions that it is not a history book.

Search for the deeper story and you will not be disappointed.

5/5 stars

East of ashes

By Supergirl, 20 July 2012

This is a fantastic book, really well written, I could not put it down and finished it in a few days. The story draws you into the lives of the characters and i found myself crying and rejoicing along with them as well as learning some interesting facts about the crusades without even trying. In my opinion it is a must-read for all ages!!!!

5/5 stars

A very engaging look at history, Christianity and faith

By Philip Devine, 3 Feb 2012

Nieuwoudt’s novel takes a historically accurate setting and events and wraps them around believable (although fictional) characters. It’s a story about discovering that who we are does not have to be determined by our past and how we believe others perceive us. It’s also about the fact that everybody is worthy of love. All of this and some spectacular battles, swordplay, murder and intrigue thrown in too.

Nieuwoudt shows that it’s possible to write Christian fiction that engages without preaching and doesn’t sacrifice the plot or character integrity just to make a theological point. Even if you’re not particularly religious, you’ll likely enjoy this story about one man’s physical and spiritual struggle through the Crusades.

5/5 stars