Get a move on!

26 February 2011 General updates  No comments

I’ve been a little slow in getting stuck into the next round of rewrites with East of Ashes. In part because I’m still waiting for some of my friends to send me their feedback, but the truth

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Website design

3 February 2011 General updates  No comments

After two nights of solid tweaking I think the site design is preeety close to where I want it… only thing still unresolved is the header bar just beneath the social network buttons… mmm, any

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Draft 3 = DONE!

2 January 2011 General updates  No comments

I didn’t expect it to happen but last night the Lord gave me the grace to put in a marathon session and finish revising the final couple of pages of East of Ashes. And this morning I wrote the

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The Plan

1 January 2011 Publishing EoA  No comments

Right, I drew up a schedule to make sure I get this puppy out the door in a reasonable timeframe. I’ve decided to go the self-publishing route to begin with, seeing as the research I’ve done shows

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4 October 2010 Publishing EoA  2 comments

Had a nice long chat with a friend last week. He and some of his friends have started a coffee roasting company and he was telling me how they had to constantly check themselves and make sure

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