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And it’s OUT!!

17 June 2011 Publishing EoA  No comments

When everything is lined up and ready to go, why wait another day? More to the point: If you've been following my progress with the novel, you deserve to get it early... so without any further ado, get it now!

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Launch in 3, 2, 1…

14 June 2011 Publishing EoA  One comment

After three long years, I'm thrilled to announce that the day has finally arrived when I'm going to publish East of Ashes: 18 June 2011.

I first began writing East of Ashes in

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Getting a copy

8 June 2011 Publishing EoA  No comments

I've been working very hard on getting the back-end of this site up and running so that the process of getting hold of East of Ashes will be as simple and straightforward as possible.

In doing so

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Almost there…

29 May 2011 General updatesPublishing EoA  No comments

Right, I'm almost at the point where I can begin to upload the final version of the novel to various ebook formats.

Two of my friends are currently having a look at the grammar of the novel

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The Plan

1 January 2011 Publishing EoA  No comments

Right, I drew up a schedule to make sure I get this puppy out the door in a reasonable timeframe. I’ve decided to go the self-publishing route to begin with, seeing as the research I’ve done shows

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4 October 2010 Publishing EoA  2 comments

Had a nice long chat with a friend last week. He and some of his friends have started a coffee roasting company and he was telling me how they had to constantly check themselves and make sure

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