About Me

Who am I? Certainly not some fool running around in his arachnid pajamas I’ll have you know. (Still, I’ve been known to do some pretty darn weird things myself, but that’s a story for another time…)

Seriously though, I grew up in the town of Somerset-West in South Africa, and now live in arguably the most beautiful city in the world: Cape Town. One day I’m sure I’ll move to different places, but for now this is the place I call home.

I work in the online publishing industry: I’m Product Development Manager at Primedia Online (which owns iafrica.com and Prezence Digital). You’re right, it sounds pretty impressive, but don’t let the title fool you – it’s just fancy talk for project management.

Of course, I dream about writing Christian fiction full time. I believe what we dream about is what the Lord has placed on our hearts to dream and, therefore, it’s really His dream. I believe that I am called to walk down the road, but it’s up to Him to decide the route. Wherever that may lead, all I have to do is keep walking.

And so I am – this website and the novel I intend to publish through it, is the first stop on that journey, but certainly not the last. Who knows where it will end? Regardless, it’s going to be an awesome ride!

Gideon Nieuwoudt