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14 June 2011 Publishing EoA  One comment

After three long years, I’m thrilled to announce that the day has finally arrived when I’m going to publish East of Ashes: 18 June 2011.

I first began writing East of Ashes in June 2008 – there were times when I couldn’t touch the novel for months on end but somehow I always knew that there will be a day when I can publish the novel.

Of course, I’m going to self-publish it for starters but I hope to gain enough traction on the sales to be able to go to a literary agent and say: “Checkit!”

And it’s by no means the end – I plan to write more novels in the future (hopefully with a quicker turnaround time hehe) and I already have an idea for the next one, which is going to be compleeeeetely different than EoA.

In the past three years a lot of people helped getting EoA out the door. To each and every one of you: from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

And to you, the reader, I hope you enjoy East of Ashes. Even if you don’t, I pray that something of the Lord’s love and grace finds a place in your heart.

Please check back on this website during the course of Saturday morning, 18 June, when all the information on where you can get hold of the novel will be made available.

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