And it’s OUT!!

17 June 2011 Publishing EoA  No comments

I planned to release the novel tomorrow, 18 June 2011, but then realised yesterday that Amazon will take 24-48 hours to publish the novel once I submit it to the Kindle Store. As a result I uploaded it last night so that it can be ready on Saturday. But then this morning I saw that it had already been released by Amazon! So why wait?

When everything is lined up and ready to go, why wait another day? More to the point: If you’ve been following my progress with the novel, you deserve to get it early… so without any further ado, get it now!

PS: Just a small note on the Kindle pricing: originally I said it will go on sale for $7 for the Kindle version, but Amazon had other plans… I put the price as $7 but for some reason they decided to bump it up to $9. Hopefully this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience for you, but you can always get the PDF-version for $5.

Thank you so much for all your support!!

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