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31 May 2011 General updates  No comments

After quite a bit of going backwards and forwards, I think I found the right cover for the novel. It is not what I would like the cover to look like for a printed version of the book, but that will require some serious work as I will in all likelihood need to commission a painting for what I have in mind… for now though, this cover should do.

The image that I used here is a woodcarving by French artist Gustave Doré (1832-1883), entitled “Bohemond of Toronto”. The image is now in the public domain and no copyright rests upon it anymore, so I was free to use it for the cover.

The image actually carries quite some significance for me – while drawing up the storyline for East of Ashes, I got stuck on one piece of the plot. I just didn’t know how to move forward. And then one day I was paging through a book about the First Crusade in Exclusive Books in Cavendish, Cape Town, when I came across this picture. In that moment I knew exactly how the story should go – and it ended up playing a major role in one of the character’s life. So praise the Lord for inspiration!

A large version of the cover can be found on my Facebook page, where you’ll be able to see the picture in more detail.

Hope you like it!

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