Almost there…

29 May 2011 General updatesPublishing EoA  No comments

Right, I’m almost at the point where I can begin to upload the final version of the novel to various ebook formats.

Two of my friends are currently having a look at the grammar of the novel because of it being written in English and my native language is in fact Afrikaans. They’ll hopefully be done in about two weeks and then I’m going to upload it onto a few ebook publishing platforms, such as Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBook, etc.

The website is also nearing completion – I got a bit delayed on that front because I moved to another hosting solution (Gridhost – these okes are on the ball and VERY cheap too!) I’ve finally managed to get it working again and reposting all the updates. For now I’m using a generic template that I’ve tweaked eeeeever so slightly and will continue to customise as I go along.

Please like my East of Ashes Facebook page if you have a moment as that will probably be one of the easiest ways to find out when I’ve posted new info on here – especially in the next few weeks when I announce where you can get hold of the novel!

Exciting times!

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