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28 April 2011 General updates  No comments

I haven’t updated this site for a few months now, so herewith a rundown on what has been happening since my last update…

Firstly, the Lord has really blessed me in the last two months. At the top of the blessings list is Claire – an amazing woman who the Lord has brought into my life and placed at my side. We’ve been in the same church for the past two years, but never really got to know each other. But then in the last two months the Lord had suddenly opened our eyes to each other. What is most amazing about this is that He used a piece from the second chapter of “East of Ashes” to open her eyes to me. Here is the piece:

“Rounding a corner in the pathway, he came to a halt as he was met by a breathtaking sight. Trees lined the sides of the path with the sun casting its light through them, intersecting the shadows to form a series of beams that fell on the mossy ground.

“On the right hand side of the pathway, Leala was standing in one of the beams of light with her back slightly towards him, and her head bent downward at a slight angle to the left. The sun shone through her auburn hair, setting it alight.

“But what caught his breath was the way she had her eyes closed, with a slight smile curling at the corners of her mouth. She radiated peace, which made her beautiful to the point where it was painful to look at her.

“For Lamech, the sight was enough to bring his mind to a complete standstill, unable to form a coherent thought. Gazing upon such peace, he could feel his shoulders relaxing and the storm inside him begin to subside, the crashing waves slowly losing its frenzy.”

As you can imagine, this blessing kind of grabbed hold of my attention for a good long time, but I was able to finish the fourth draft of East of Ashes somewhere in the middle of it.

Right now a friend of Claire is taking a look at it to sort out any language errors. As soon as I get it back from him I’ll start the process of publishing the novel in a variety of ebook formats.

Can’t wait!!

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